Colin Bateman

Colin Bateman

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Lianne Johnson

Business websites that are good at their job

The websites we build shouldn’t only look good, they should be great for the business they were designed for.

One thing we strive to avoid is complexity, above all we know that for any business seeking help and advice, simplicity is the key. 

Straight forward answers without jargon is the best way for our customers to make informed decisions.

Just like a good website, mobile applications have become a must-have for many businesses, especially within the retail and services industries. We’ve been astounded by the high cost of mobile applications, and also the difficulty in finding a company willing to provide a personal service to smaller businesses. Element6 is focused on providing an affordable service to develop websites, apps, and databases that allow all types and sizes of businesses to compete on a level playing field with major brands. We also recognise that plenty of businesses need help with building their websites or even fixing a DIY site that didn’t quite work as easily as the TV ad suggested!

Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, our personal and friendly approach will help your company grow, build a loyal customer base and achieve increased sales for your business.
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